Citabria is a two-place sport airplane with basic aerobatic capabilities. It is a "taildragger", that is it sports a tailwheel instead of nosegear; this is sometimes referred to as standard configuration.  Several models were built ranging from 100 hp to the current 160 hp models, on floats and skis, even agricultural options were available.

Decathlon is the Citabria's bigger brother. It is in the same configuration, but has a different wing, more powerful engine and capable of more advanced aerobatics.

Scout is the largest of the line, carries more weight, but is not aerobatic. This is a working machine and is found in gliding operations as a tow-plane, bush flying and the like.

Champ is the predecessor of the Citabria. It all started with a company named Aeronca in the 1920s, culminating in the post-war Aeronca Champ, which was the basis for the Citabria. Many different models were introduced under the Aeronca marque, including the very capable four-seater Sedan, until being sold to the Champion Company, who continued this design to the present day.

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